Private Dance Lessons

For Dance Couples, Partners or Individual Dancers looking to learn a bit more ….

Why Private Dance Lessons?

Private dance lessons will enable you to

  1. have personal instruction tailored just for you
  2. focus on specific dance genres, dance routines or dance figures
  3. develop your dancing with a partner to create a flowing balanced dance of leading and following interacting as one (yes we want our dancing to feel good)
  4. improve your technique and therefore style and performance (after all, we all want our dancing to look good)
  5. increase your awareness and depth of dance
  6. learn or work on Sequence dances that either you haven’t learned or maybe unsure of certain parts
  7. progress more quickly in improving your dancing


Private Dance Lessons give you the opportunity to rehearse, learn whilst under a watchful eye to focus on your dance figures and routines. This enables you to go to Social Dances and relax, enjoy and have fun, not panicking as you’re trying to recall a routine or fumbling over figures that haven’t been rehearsed properly.

The Time to Learn

Private Dance Lessons and Classes are the time to learn and recall your dances, figures and routines, NOT when out Social dancing

Private Dance Lessons instead of group classes?

There are many reasons for students taking Private Dance Lessons:

  1. They don’t necessarily need to be instead of group classes. Many dancers will supplement their classes with Lessons
  2. Classes are great for social learning, fun and interaction. Private lessons allow for more progression with improving your dancing (assuming that you also either practice or attend classes)
  3. Students wanting to work or develop a specific dance, i.e. Samba, Foxtrot, Jive or Viennese Waltz. Although these will be covered during the year in classes they may not necessarily be taught when you most want to work on them.
  4. Personal routines can be choreographed specifically to your dance genres and dance preferences. One student may love the Samba “Corta-Jaca” or Waltz “Outside Spin”, whilst another may never wish to dance it ever again

I don’t have a partner!

We welcome individual dancers as well as dance partners and couples. Also a group of 4 (price varies).

First Class Dance School has both male and female teachers, both studying under the ISTD faculty. You are welcome to choose you teacher or even change

Frequency of Private Dance Lessons

Generally most dancers attend lessons once a week. To have a dance lesson fortnightly to supplement classes, still gives you the dancer the opportunity for all the advantages, although not so regularly.


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