Popular Sequence Dance Classes



For 2019 we’re offering a new class for those who regularly dance Popular Sequence dances. These classes are aim to encourage sequence dancers to fully understand the figures within the popular dances

For those who would like to begin to learn sequence dancing, we will also offer a new class for Beginners. Dancers who wish to learn sequence dancing and are currently learning to dance please contact us



There are times when we learn a sequence dance by following someone else. Other times maybe a kind partner patiently shows us the routine. This is a great way to pick up some of the sequence dances quickly. Invariably there are sections within the sequence that we’re not fully grasping or unsure how it should be danced

We’re giving you the opportunity to improve your sequence dancing and to feel more confident in your dancing


If you’ve not danced sequence dances and wish to learn as a beginner. Please contact us as we do have others interested in learning and would run a Beginners class

Sequence Dances Covered

The sequences we will be teaching will begin with the most popular favourites. As the standard progresses throughout the year, we will expand to include the speciality sequence dances

Would You like to Join our Classes?

Please use our Contact Form HERE to let us know if you’re interested in our Sequence Dance Classes for “Beginners” or “Improvers”


Our VENUES page has all the information, directions, and location of the Wyke Regis Memorial Hall where our Sequence Dance Classes are held


FEES & BOOKINGS page gives the prices for all our classes and events

Term times

The classes are running in sync with children’s school terms. A planner for classes is available please see 2019 Year Planner for Adults Classes

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