Technique Workshop

Technique Workshops

Every Saturday at Wyke

Dance Technique Workshops to understand Ballroom & Latin dance figures. How to get the best from your dancing as an individual Man or Lady and the connection as a couple

Where When Starts Costs
Wyke Regis Memorial Hall
All Saints Road
Wyke Regis
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11:00 – 12:00am Saturday Weekly to be resumed soon PLEASE APPLY £6 per class (see discount for 6 week term booking)


6 weeks prepaid discounted price £30


Some limited parking outside the hall or on Portland Road beside All Saints Church

Alternatively there is an off road car part at Wyke Regis Medical Practice (at the Health Centre) a short walk to the hall

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Improve your Dancing

Dance Technique Workshops are for those who want to improve their Ballroom & Latin dances.

Through understanding the alignments of the dance figures, floor craft will be far easier. Making your dancing a more enjoyable experience.

Using the correct techniques of the footwork, and foot positions enable you to dance in a smoother and with better synchronisation to your partner.

Through better use of the body position and shape the man can improve his lead and connection with partner throughout all figures and the dance in general.

Your Dance Teacher

Peter Arnold will be taking the technique workshops. Peter has gained ISTD Professional Dance Qualifications. As one of 8 highest achieving students in the past 3 years he was invited to make a presentation at the Annual ISTD Congress in 2018. Also furthering his knowledge of technique and teaching by attending a 5 day dance camp and having private lessons with the UK’s best dance teachers all of whom have won many World Championships.

What we will be developing in our Ballroom & Latin dancing

  • Feet Positions

    Where exactly should we be taking our next step, in relation to the supporting foot and with our partner

  • Alignments

    Correct alignments ensure that we can keep our dancing freestyle, by leading and making choices of the next figure. Knowing where you are and where you are going is like driving a car, without a road or map we are soon lost. Using correct alignments keeps us on the route we choose.

  • Amounts of Turn

    Using the correct amounts of turn in the feet and body, simultaneously with our partner, helps the smooth flow of movement into and through turns.

  • Rise and Fall

    Developing the amount of rise and fall as well as the timing is essential to create swing and sway in our dance. Without correct rise and fall we aren’t really dancing, only taking forward, backward or side steps, with very little “dancing” taking place.

  • Footwork

    Use of the correct part of the foot, enhances our dancing. The Foxtrot for example will not resemble anything apart from walks without the correct footwork.

  • CBM

    Contrary Body Movement is essential if we wish to lead and follow in our dancing. The lead into any turn is created using CBM.

  • Swing & Sway

    Make beautiful dancing in our Ballroom dances with the development of Swing and Sway to add expression in our dancing to feel and respond to the music.

  • Technique Exercises

    Using specific exercises we can strengthen our “Core”,  as well as our feet & legs. Strength in our physique enables us to execute even the simplest to the more complicated figures with more ease.

For Dance Technique Workshops commencing October 2018 

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