Strictly Loders WI Bridport

Strictly Loders WI Loders WI have an evening of Strictly Loders WI Ballroom & Latin Dance. We have a talk on the years

Strictly Loders WI Bridport2017-09-15T11:15:22+00:00

Strictly First Class

Strictly First Class The Celebrities are paired up with the Strictly Come Dancing professional partners. Here's the list of partners for 2017

Strictly First Class2017-09-09T20:14:40+00:00

Bruce Forsyth Dies – Aged 89

Sir Bruce Forsyth CBE - 22 February 1928 – 18 August 2017      Sir Bruce Forsyth Dies - aged 89  Love

Bruce Forsyth Dies – Aged 892017-08-18T18:00:07+00:00

WANTED an Dance Couple to appear in a new movie

First Class 4 Dance school has been approached by a leading London Dance organisation. Here's your chance to be a celebrity couple in

WANTED an Dance Couple to appear in a new movie2017-07-10T07:48:01+00:00

Claim Your Free DSI Catalogue

Claim your FREE DSI catalogue now! Ask for discounts through First Class 4 Dance Our lavish new DSI London 2017/2018 catalogue was

Claim Your Free DSI Catalogue2017-06-26T11:58:19+00:00

Centre of Gravity Dance

Dancing in Perfect Balance The question for the ladies...... is can you follow!! :-) Perfect Balance

Centre of Gravity Dance2017-06-18T10:48:02+00:00
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