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Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

Our belief about the wonderful world of Ballroom & Latin dance is what drives ourselves to offer the best teaching and to give you the opportunity to enjoy the journey of learning to dance

What motivates us to do great work? It’s an age-old question. But the age-old answers – rewards, recognition, money, stability – consequently no longer seem to suffice.  Our teaching at the school infuses us with the passion for dancing that keeps the body, mind and spirit alive.

Recent research reveals that when creative thinking is part and parcel of your job description,  external motivation as a result just doesn’t work. The year-end bonus, the promotion, the basic dangled carrot approach – these things don’t inspire better performance.

What really gets creatives fired up is, well, ourselves. Furthermore and most relevant is, intrinsic motivation. If we can imagine an achievement, see ourselves progressing toward that goal, and understand that we are gaining new skills and knowledge, we will be driven to do great work. Great work = Great Teaching = Great Dancers.

feel good dancing about First Class Dance School 

Learning to dance is a passion to enjoy.  Most of all, through the process of learning and then dancing, the excitement of the mental and physical activity enhances the feel-good factor of the mind, body and soul while relishing the movement to music with a partner.

You can learn to dance Ballroom and Latin dances with us in:
Bridport, Dorchester and Weymouth see our First Class Dance School Locations

The Feel Good Factor

a quality in something that makes people feel happy whilst feeling positive about their lives, a product, the economy, etc.”

​ Quote from Cambridge Dictionary

To feel good about a product or the economy is a passing phase, it does not belong to you, however to feel good about yourself or your life DOES !

Dancing Makes you Smarter….

dancing makes you smarter

Recent results of study over 21 years have shown that dancing has a positive increase in intellectual acuity and mental awareness.  More of this in the D.A.D. Dancing article for maintaining or increasing better health (coming soon)


About First Class Dance for Ballroom and Latin Dancing

Owned and run by Peter Arnold, Associate dance teacher of the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing).  It is my aim that within the school, we promote the ideal of teaching students to do the best for themselves, each of us learn differently and will learn in varying amounts. We are proficiently trained to make sure YOU are always ready for the next step, and perhaps NOW is the time for you to take your first steps.

Teaching as part of the ISTD

As a member of the ISTD world class dance organisation, we take our profession seriously. We are constantly being kept up to date by continually progressing to higher levels of professional qualifications and attending training sessions throughout the year.

Live Learn Love Dance

Peter Arnold at the ISTD Congress July 2017