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ISTD Dorset Day of Dance & Sequence

On a day forecast for high winds and rain, the sun shone brightly indoors on a Dorset Day of Sequence on December 9th, at West Moors Memorial Hall. The competition day of Classical and Modern Sequence as well as medallist Modern Ballroom & Latin American dances, was full of action, colour, excitement and joy, from everyone dancing and spectating throughout the dance offs and prize giving.

Events for the day began with a warm up dance for everyone.  Louise Sampson led the dance,where the dance-floor was amassed with everyone in the room from 6-year olds to those in their 80’s.

The competition began with the solo then couples Modern Ballroom dances starting from the under 8’s first timers to the 50 + Silver and above medallists. The entries were good and the competition starting to heat up.

This was followed by the solo and couples Classical Sequence where spectators were treated to dancers competing in these historic dances such as the Boston 2 Step, The Veleta, Ragtime Swing, Fylde Waltz, Regency Mazurka, Wedgwood Blue Gavotte and many more. The Modern Sequence section provided the dancers and spectators with the more popular sequence dances such as the Woodside Waltz, Quando Quickstep, Tango Callatina and Waltz Catherine. The Classical and Modern Sequence dances were fantastic to watch, especially the children showing such great poise and delivering the character and style of the Classical Dances. The attention to detail and elegance is a credit to the teachers and competitors to have studied these dances to perfection and dancers would look wonderful in any Regency/Georgian movie.

Sequence Dancers

The day continued with the Latin American solo and couples dances with the under 8’s to the over 50’s competing in the Jive, Cha Cha Cha, and Rumba with the Modern Sequence dances 8 Bar Rumba, superb Paso Petite, Jeneau Jive, Vistamar Cha Cha Cha and many more favourites. All the dancers delivering great enthusiasm and energy, once again providing the spectators through the afternoon with a fantastic display of dances with precision, timing and dazzling colours.

The prize giving for the Ballroom section was delivered earlier in the day and the Latin American prize giving concluded the days events. The biggest prize was the sportsmanship in partnering, between different schools and different ages, a delight to see and enjoy.

A huge thank you to Jill Bush, Chairman of the Sequence Faculty as adjudicator, Simon Cruwys providing the music and the event host, compare and scrutineer Louise Sampson. They delivered a professional and entertaining day of Classical and Modern Sequence as well as Ballroom & Latincompetition dance.

Many thanks to all the dance schools, teachers and competitors. The Dorset Day of Sequence was attended by 8 Dance schools who came from across the South of England, London to Weymouth with their competitors. ‘Dance with Diana’ (Diana Wykes), ‘Fairhall Dancing’ (KayFairgrieves), ‘Scarlett Rose School of Dance’ (Beverley Craig), ‘Nice n EasyDance Studios’ (Carol Dunbar), ‘Keep Dancing’ (Julie Tucker & SuzanneHancock), ‘Rhythm & Dance’ (Louise Sampson), ‘Dance Crazy’ (Simon Cruwys?) and ‘First Class Dance School’ (Peter Arnold).

It must be said that everyone enjoyed the day as it brought a winter’s day to life with such joy, colour and excitement. A note to Louise,we are already looking forward to the next Dorset Day of Sequence/Dance. For those interested in learningsequence, contact one of the above schools or for a school local to you the ISTD registered schools are listed on the dance teachers website  If you would like to know more about the Sequence dances mentioned in this article and others, as well as the history of Sequence dancing, please visit the ISTD page

Peter Arnold