Childrens Dance Competition – Ballroom and Latin

childrens dance competition

children’s dance competition

Congratulations Daniel and Leanah for delivering a day of First Class performances. Competing at the Childrens Dance Competition on Sunday 24th October at Queen Elizabeth’s School, Wimborne, Dorset.

The pair put on a fantastic performance in each one of their 5 events, reaching the finals in every one of them 😉


Daniel Leanah at the pre competition warmup

Childrens Dance Competition Events:

Ballroom Solo – Waltz:

Although a solo event both Daniel and Leanah danced a formidable Waltz. Never having danced on a dance floor with other dancers this was going to be tough.  They chose to dance with each other whilst other children were partnered by their teachers.

Daniel showed no bars hold approach and held his own with superb floor craft. Despite being knocked into by others. Leanah was there, with him wherever Daniel needed to go.  Leanah was right on cue following and both holding perfect timing throughout the 2 heats and final.

Ballroom Couples – Quickstep:

Dancing as a couple, both moved effortlessly around the dancefloor. Demonstrating a more relaxed style in the “Forward Locks” than in practice, gliding around with a lightness of step.

Latin Solo – Cha Cha Cha:

Now we have a story to tell Mr Arnold!!! The chosen dance for the category for 9-12 yrs was the Jive. As yet Daniel and Leanah haven’t learned the Jive, so they were entered for the Cha Cha Cha  Ooops. This was not a problem, only Cha Cha Cha was an older age group 12-15 and ability up to Pre-Bronze. This didn’t phase them one bit, they just got on with it and still got the last place in the final!

Childrens Dance Competition


Latin Couples – Rumba:

After many hours of dancing and the excitement of watching many brilliant young dancers, I expected the Rumba to be ok. It was more than OK, they both had been practicing out in the foyer and delivered a great Rumba with perfect timing. Most adults on there own struggle with this, let alone youngsters with a battlefield to fight and a cheering crowd.


Daniel_Leanah_Rumba Practice

Ballroom Adult/Child – Waltz:

this was a knockout round, by elimination. They danced with Edel and Andrew who they had only danced with once before in practice. Both had a good rounds, if I recall Leanah made it to the last 5 on the dancefloor.

Latin Adult/Child – Cha Cha Cha:

yet again a knockout round by elimination, dancing with the same partners. This time Daniel made it through the last 5.

Back in Training:

Monday we made a great start on learning the Tango. Daniel and Leanah are now fired up seeing the other children competing. Amazingly they quickly both adapted to a complete contrast in the unique style and attitude of the Tango.


Looking to develop their technique, it won’t be long before both of them will be entered for their DanceSport exams. Which will then give the two of them a benchmark on which to further their dancing.

Congratulations to Daniel and Leanah, who make teaching a wonderful and inspiring career.


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