At First Class Dance School

We are now offering a Thursday evening Dance Practice Night. It is your chance (Beginner’s, Social Dancers, and Private Students) to put into practice/run through the figures that you’ve been taught during the week.


Wyke Regis Memorial Hall DT4 9EX


Every Thursday Evening


8pm – 10pm


ONLY £2.50 per person

Practice Makes Perfect

Well at least better than it was before! When taking dance classes/lessons you do need to practice. I’ve always had a theory that for every hour of tuition it takes 3 hours practice to put into consolidation.

What Dances Will We Cover?

We will cover each dance at least 4 times throughout the evening. Dances can be requested too. Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Social Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha, Jive and Samba.

Like Getting Your Money’s Worth?

We’ve all seen the advert on TV, well here’s the ideal.

If you’re having a lesson or a class and don’t practice for 6 days then when you enter the room on the 7th day, it’s not for a rest! You are actually having to make yourself work twice as hard. You’re trying to remember what was taught the previous week AND trying to learn new figures.

So what happens is that you do the steps you think you remember and you stumble on the new steps. As this progresses the struggle becomes harder and less enjoyable.

Why not prepare yourself ready for the next class or lesson by practicing, then the current figures will be retained, also still fresh and you can immerse yourself into the new figures or dance which is being taught. Then you’re getting 100% out of each class or lesson rather than only 40%.

What’s It Worth?

I am keeping my fees at a reasonable cost, to support and encourage students to take up dancing and for those who are currently dancing to pursue better dancing.

Assume that your class or lesson cost twice or 3 times as much! Would you practice so you were prepared to get 100% from that next session? Or would you not bother and only get 40% value of the cost of that next session?

Practice What You Preach

As a teacher I value that position, it is a position of great responsibility. I have my certificates and don’t need to take any more exams. However I take this role with pride and am still training, and will be probably until I stop teaching. There is always something to learn. Also things change and as a teacher it is very important to know these things.

So when I talk about practice, for my own training I practice 5 times a week for 2 hours at a time, so that’s 10 hours a week, as well as then going on to teach throughout the day and most evenings. Why, so that I can be prepared for my next lesson and so I can go over the technique and dances which I took for last years exam and the exam the year before that. So when you ask me a question, I have the correct answer. This is the pride I take and the enjoyment that I have from teaching each and every one of you.

Where to Practice

As well as the Thursday Dance Practice Night, you can also practice your posture whilst driving or walking, the walks whilst shopping down the aisles in the supermarket, just about anywhere. Also listening to music and figuring out the rhythm and beats.

Enjoy Your Dancing

Above all else enjoy your dancing. I am always looking for new songs to play whilst teaching, to help you enjoy the dance it helps if you enjoy the music.  The more you practice and get it right the more fun and enjoyment each dance becomes. We all started at the first step, and you’re not alone.

Keep Dancing

I appreciate all your hard work and teaching each one of you 🙂

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