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Why Children Should Take Ballroom Dance Lessons

Dance Skills: Going Beyond the Recital

This is the obvious result of taking any dance class, but with ballroom dancing, this translates to a practical activity that can be used for the rest of their lives on any given night. While jazz, tap, ballet, and other forms of dance provide great discipline, fundamentals, and overall physical training; they don’t necessarily translate well to a non-recital environment. Then again, they’re young, they can handle it – why not just have them try it all!?

Physical Skills: Better Than Jazzercise… like, way better

Ballroom dancing can not only build coordination, grace, poise, and posture – but it can also develop great core strength and flexibility. Regardless of age, ballroom dancing is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise.

Children’s Ballroom Dance Classes – Sizes are Limited

To ensure good teacher – student ratio and promote good learning our classes focus on quality. Hence the school offers multiple venues and at 3 different locations, Bridport, Dorchester and Weymouth.  We welcome children who like your son or daughter are keen to learn Ballroom & Latin dance.

Baby Ballroom Channel 5

The TV series (sorry but I dislike the name) Baby Ballroom highlights the amazing world of Ballroom and Latin dance for children. We certainly don’t consider our students as baby’s, however we do wish to put West Dorset on the world map of Children’s Ballroom and Latin dance to give your children an opportunity to learn.

TV series link for catch up


Bridport Bradpole Forster Village Hall DT6 3JA Wednesdays

Weymouth Wyke Regis Memorial Hall DT4 9EX Thursdays

Dorchester Thomas Hardye School Dance Studio DT1 2ET Fridays

Weymouth Steps Club Dance Studio DT4 0BT Saturdays

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