To Succeed or Fail

The past 11 months have been possibly the most challenging in Peter’s life.  Especially with such a dramatic start to the year. Was 2017  going to end in Success or Failure?


In January 2017 the business Peter had along with everything he owned was burned to the ground in a tragic fire. Consequently the premises and all contents, everything Peter had worked for was gone.

The Phoenix

With the help of several wonderful people who believed in him, Peter was able to rise to the challenge. Taking the Professional Dance Teaching Qualification at Nice N Easy dance studios in Bournemouth. The examiner would be Miss Anne Lingard one of the most highly respected I.S.T.D. examiners in the profession Peter was going to need a lot of studying, practice, self belief, endurance, hope and some luck.

The Exam

The exam was due on the 22nd of October (the number 22 being a significant number throughout Peter’s life). Yet at the beginning of October although he was still studying and practising hard, from 6am to prepare himself for this gruelling 1 and half hour practical dance and theory exam, his teacher  (a hard task mistress) was not satisfied and had still not entered him for the up and coming exam. 


Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing

Finally In the last hour, against all her own rules, yet following her faith and trust in Peter, she put forward an entry on the 10th October.

As well as preparing for his exam, Peter was preparing to assist his partner’s exam as she also had her I.S.T.D. Professional Dance Teachers exam and she needed him to dance with her.

Well was he to Succeed or Fail ?

Peter decided he was going to succeed, against all odds and has just been awarded the Associate Level of Professional Dance Teaching Qualification by the I.S.T.D. (the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) 

As a result not only did he succeed but achieved the exam with Highly Commended, (the highest grade within the exam)


Peter has been teaching in Weymouth and Bridport throughout this year. Only deciding to promote the Dance School from September 2017.


Since teaching Private Lessons and latterly Beginner’s Classes in both towns, here’s what some of his student’s have to say.