Social Ballroom Latin Dance Evenings
Social Ballroom Latin Dance

Following our absolutely FAB-U-LOUS A-MA-ZING First Social Dance Evening, we are now committed to providing you with a weekly Social Dance Evening.

Our Social Ballroom Latin Dance Evenings

We welcome our beginners to join in the first few fun sequence dances….so Lets get the evening started !!

An evening of full on Ballroom and Latin Dancing, with sequence dances to some classic tunes and modern hits.

A much needed Tea/Coffee break, ..did I hear biscuits and cake ?

Last week our performance of the Beautiful Waltz as a demonstration of the Ballroom technique, as taught in our lessons. Come Sunday, you may well see some more!!

Social Ballroom Latin Dance

Back to the dancing and a spot question to win a prize. You must be there and follow us on Facebook. Last weeks prize was a free dance lesson

.Get ready for our mini teaching session, last week everyone got to Rock n Roll,… they didn’t want to stop !!

This follows with plenty more great Ballroom and Latin Dances

Finally the last Waltz


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